Here Come the Holidays!

Posted by Andrea on 11/23/2011 to Costumes
So today is Thanksgiving Eve -- the "biggest party night of the year" and the official kick-off of the Holiday season!
And the holidays mean holiday costumes!
One of my favorite things about holiday costumes is that you can go KITSCHY or CLASSIC! I'm a fan of juxtaposition, so I like to take otherwise "cutesy" things or ideas and make them "sexy." A few years ago I took a super cute fabric with little Santas and made a bra and belt (also skirt that I STILL haven't finished! Maybe this year..) for an aerial performance:
Dancewear and other active costumes sometimes have restrictions on fabrics because they're almost always spandex, and not too many special holiday prints are available in stretch. Thankfully there are some designs that can use non-stretch fabrics, and there are always a TON of those to choose from!! For example, here's another outfit I did for Valentine's Day with a Sequin Halter Top (minus the sequins), and Pleated Skirt :
If you're not a fan of the kitchy fabrics, you can always go with a more traditional Christmas look with lots of reds and white fur for the holidays. Here's something simple I made for a Christmas night a while back:
Whether you're thinking fun or fancy, I can make your vision come true, or contact me and I can design something custom! Just remember to get your orders in early - I can usually get rush jobs in no problem, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!
Here are some shots from the Christmas party at Mulcahy's with I.FLY Trapeze  (Like them on Facebook!), The Wild Cherryz, and DJ Neil C!
Happy Thanksgiving!!